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Steve Job


MA PhD FRSA, Senior Fellow of Collegium Prometricum

Cambridge Campus

Sesja stacjonarna Prometricum MBA w Cambridge to niezwykłe doświadczenie nauki i zamieszkania w kampusie jednego z najstarszych i najbardziej renomowanych uniwersytetów świata.
Szczegółowy program sesji odbywającej się w dniach 16-20 września 2024 zostanie ogłoszony w czerwcu 2024 roku.

Poniżej informacja o ostatniej sesji Cambridge Campus, która miała miejsce w dniach 4-8 września 2023.


The Cambridge Campus Session includes an introductory course on the use of AI in management across a range of industries. In particular, these will include healthcare, services, and production and functions common to all such as finance, human resources, and sales and marketing.

Each day will include a combination of lectures, discussions, and case studies to help participants understand how AI can be used in different management functions. In addition, there will be opportunities to use and evaluate demo AI tools. There will also be an active social programme.

Cambridge Campus Session is part of the AI Post MBA and Total MBA, which is also available on its own. Participation in the session will be confirmed by a certificate

Why Cambridge?

With almost 5,000 technology companies employing over 70,000 people, including 12 unicorns, Cambridge is a top 3 global science and innovation centre. As such, it is at the centre of the AI revolution and is home to companies such as Darktrace, Arm, and AstraZeneca.

Cambridge University is 800 years old and comprises 31 colleges, many of them ancient and beautiful. Cambridge institutions focussed on AI include:

Course Programme

Monday 4th December – Arrive, check-in

Tuesday 5th December – AI in Management: applications, ethics, case studies
Wednesday 6th December – AI in Sales and Marketing
Thursday 7th December – AI in Operations Management
Friday 8th December – AI in Finance and Human Resource Management


Lucy Cavendish College, Lady Margaret Rd, Cambridge CB3 0BU.
Recommended accommodation: Lucy Cavendish College. 

Check-in: Monday 16th September
Check-out: Friday 20th September
4 nights, ensuite room: total per night £75.95 + VAT (20%), including breakfast

Transfer to Cambridge
We will advise upon receiving your flight information.
Stansted: 30 minutes by direct train from the airport, 45 minutes by taxi.
Heathrow: 2.5 hours by bus or train (across London) 1.5 hours by taxi.
If you prefer a taxi, we recommend Panther Taxis.


Regular price – 1250 Euro.
Lunch and refreshments are included. Costs such as evening meals and social activities are extra at the participant’s own expense.

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