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Collegium Prometricum w ramach umowy partnerskiej z Cambridge Valid Business School zaprasza na otwarte wykłady online.

Session 1: The Lighthouse Guide to Leadership
22 May, 17.00-18.00 GMT (18-19 CET)

Sandra Romenska

This session offers a quick and effective scoping of concepts, ideas and practice for the successful leadership of people and teams. It will shine a spotlight on knowledge, understanding and practical skills required for the successful navigation of the challenging landscape of strategic change, including complexity, failure and resilience, crisis management and crisis as an opportunity.

Session 2: Human, Cyborg, Robot: Three Models for AI in the Workplace
12 June, 17.00-18.00 GMT (18-19 CET)

Victor Parchment

Some say that human skill will always be the most reliable economic drivers in many industries and that AI replacement should be regarded with scepticism for its potential harms and limitations (the “Human” Path). Their opponents claim that, instead, AI will free humans from the laborious and the impossibly complex, unlocking new efficiencies and new jobs for all the ones it makes obsolete (the “Robot” Path). But perhaps a third way lies between these extremes, the “Cyborg” Path: AI will indeed change business, not through replacement but through enhancement. The future will belong not to an algorithm but to those who can properly harness it, as past generations harnessed each successive generation of computing. These are all possible futures, but which path is the most likely, and which path is the most desirable?

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